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Ballast Trays for Flat Roof

Ballast Trays for Flat Roof

United Kingdom

QSE Solar were contracted to undertake the bespoke design and ballast calculations for the mounting system needed to incorporate PV modules onto the green roof of this brand-new high-rise in London.

Space was tight and the clients chose an East/West orientated array, which also helped reduce the effects of wind loads on the structure.  QSE designed steel trays which could be fitted to the chosen ballast, giving the array a sleek finish and ensuring a secure fixing method for the modules.

Aesthetics were also very important for this site, which can be overseen by even taller buildings, as well as from within this high-rise. So, as an additional security measure and to achieve clean lines that are unbroken by module clamps, the modules were fitted to the ballast trays using a clampless fixing method. 


Number of modules:  



10º modules in landscape 

Type of structure:

Steel trays fitted to ballast and set to East/West orientation

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