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East West Structure

United Kingdom



A challenging project being very tight on space, this 1.1MW PV plant was constructed and designed with our bespoke East/West orientated structure, supported with concrete micro-pile foundations due to ground conditions being unsuitable for ramming posts.

QSE were contracted to undertake the full sub-structure design and calculations, mounting the sub-structure and also mechanically fitting the PV modules. 

For this location, an aesthetically pleasing array was very important.  We successfully achieved this in our design by making the most of the stylish black modules, ensuring clean, sharp lines that were unbroken by module clamps. Additionally, this frame also includes black end-caps, which further add to the very sleek and refined finish of the overall look.


Number of modules:  



2 modules in portrait

Type of structure:

Concrete micro-pile foundations, East/West orientation, all steel

project images

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