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We support clients through the entire project, from the design of the most suitable framing solution, to its production and  mechanical fitting of the PV modules. We also provide ongoing support to ensure outstanding results.



Our engineering team is glad to design any type of mounting frame for almost any site location and condition, doing whatever possible to maintain a highly competitive pricing model. 

If a project requires roofing frames for trapezoidal, standing seam or elevated systems, with or without ballast; or if you´re looking for something to mount modules on the ground or even with floating systems, then we can help.

We design our structures according to customer requirements and in line with local regulations and standards.  We also complete the necessary calculations ensuring the most appropriate structure for the site conditions.

Using ground and other site studies carried out, we will review initial designs making any changes needed according to the results so that the structure is suitable for the specific location, always doing our utmost to keep within the client´s budget wherever possible.

We can also arrange any necessary site surveys and tests, such as pull-out tests and soil corrosivity testing.

The design of the structure is carried out in 5 phases:

  • 1. Initial discussion:
    • Initial discussions are carried out with client
    • Feasibility
  • 2. Design Agreement:
    • Preliminary specifications are agreed.
    • Field study reports (geological/topographical etc.)
    • Preliminary design drawings
  • 3. Design Presentation:
    • Designs presented.
    • Drawings reviewed
    • Specifications and costs
  • 4. Drawing Revisions:
    • Any design revisions incorporated
    • Finalise specifications and material selection
  • 5. Final Design:
    • Final design presentation
    • Final design approval
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