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We support clients through the entire project, from the design of the most suitable framing solution, to its production and  mechanical fitting of the PV modules. We also provide ongoing support to ensure outstanding results.



We ensure that our structures are manufactured and produced in line with Eurocode and other local standards as required and we have a range of high quality materials available to us which we carefully select according to project conditions and customer requirements.  

Here are some of the most frequently used materials:

Hot-dip galvanised steel is a tough, durable and an economic option for providing excellent corrosion resistance and easy maintenance.

Zinc-magnesium-aluminium coated steel is robust, self-healing and highly resistant to corrosion, providing a dependable option for any location.  Especially good for coastal or other areas with high salinity.

Aluminium expands and dilates in harmony with photovoltaic modules, being the same material as their frames.  It´s very flexible, light weighted and won´t rust.  An excellent option for areas with higher than average risk of movement such as that caused by settlement on landfill sites, or in active seismic regions.

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Our engineering team design the most suitable framing solutions for all situations

Installations completed quickly, effectively and safely


Our professional team of installers ensure the highest standards and outstanding results.