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250kW Supplying Expert Installation Services

Expert Installation Services

United Kingdom


This 250kW PV installation was completed at a site at one of the UK’s leading service companies who supply to over 6.4 million people nationwide.

Because of the strictest of site controls, with our expert knowledge and support, along with our commitment to Health & Safety, QSE were entrusted to undertake the installation of this third party mounting system, including mechanically fitting the PV modules.

Our responsibilities under this contract were to carry out the topographical setting out of all the post locations due to a very unlevel terrain, ramming the frame posts, assembling the sub-structure frame and mechanically fitting the PV modules.

Although faced with particularly harsh weather conditions, we were able to complete the project quickly and without incident, working well alongside ther other contractors for a very successful conclusion.


Number of modules:  



2 modules in portrait

Type of structure:

Third party supplier


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